Thursday, November 29, 2007

President Museveni takes a nap during Chogm

New evidence would suggest you don’t need a pillow and duvet to get some zzz’s.
And I’m sure President Museveni can also testify on this.
At first I thought that the sandman had invaded Speke Resort Munyonyo during the Chogm closing ceremonies as the country’s top-man zipped his peepers.
In fact, Museveni started dozing midway of the ceremony and he looked like he was nodding off to dream land (oba what was he dreaming about?). Anyways, he looked quite weary and he was found dozing whenever the MC turned to him for a presentation.
But I think it is understandable because the gentleman had spent more than three days and nights without a single dose of doze.
So, now you can guess what he did most just after the Chogm – zzz!

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