Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kasumba’s accent amuses the Queen

When I’m not typing out words to entertain you, I’m listening to someone for news (can call it gossip).
It’s actually the reason why I paid so much attention to UBC’s Jane Kasumba who was a co-MC at the Chogm opening ceremony.
But boy, I almost failed to grasp what the Ugandan lady was saying.
Oh dear, even the Queen herself needed to listen carefully to pick a word.
Not that she was inaudible but, actually, Kasumba launched an accent which is rarely found in Uganda – she sounded like someone who dwells in Brooklyn and the Queen was visibly amused.
The Queen wore a smile whenever Kasumba spoke. But it was not only Her Majesty who was amused as were other dignitaries and fellow Ugandans especially about how Kasumba pronounced some local words.
So, Your Majesty, could she be your next choice to emcee at a Buckingham Palace party?

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