Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Minister Kibirige Ssebunya gets jiggy

Kibirige Ssebunya is renowned for taking a pride in the number of academic degrees under his pillow but Rafshizzle would like to remind him of his other title – king dancer.
Well, don’t argue if you were not at Club Obbligato for the Afrigo band’s homecoming concert.
Kibirige Ssebunya was beside himself with joy at the concert. The state minister for agriculture who loves to wear a goatee is an avid fun and to show it, he jumped onto stage to show off his agility via dance. It could have been triggered by seeing the band’s diva Joanita Kawalya but then again it could also have had everything to do with Rachel Magoola’s guest appearance. The Afrigo Band breakaway reunited with her former bandmates to sing that enduring Lusoga folktale rendition Obangaina. A tickled Ssebunya could not let the opportunity pass and joined the two singing ladies taking them through a paka chini, paka juu routine. And much to the revellers delight, the minister does not have two left feet. Could it be that he will be a dancer in his other life? He sure has an antidote for those dreary cabinet meetings that we hear go on into the wee hours.

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Therese said...

Rachel Magoola is someone I would LOVE to see Live!! It must have been an experience. I found a FREE track by her and can't get enough!!!

I'll share it with you guys,, enjoy!!
Rachel Magoola and 'Ekizino' here!!