Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Does Phina Need a Wardrobe Help

“It is hard out there on the streets. The shops get so busy and people can make you uneasy when you go shopping, so it can be tempting to just stick to one blouse and jeans, run for the shows and you rock.”
So that is the excuse Rafshizzle is passing on to Phina Mugerwa to use, to help explain away her typical faux pas.
If anyone asks why you never change your clothing at shows Phina, tell them you put on in a rush and ends up picking the same clothes.Rafshizzle has been observing Phina Mugerwa for over nine months now and honestly the lady performs in the same white top and a pair of red “torn” jeans. If it’s your wardrobe that is small, Rafshizzle is offering an extra top and pair of jeans for change’s sake

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