Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mak Dean Drives A Shs200m Merc

CAPTION: Prof. Balya's Merc Benz GL 500 4Matic

This Mercedes Benz GL500 4Matic model 2007 is one classy car!
And not just in the latest Merc department but this one of Mr Valencia Balya, is an exclusive one.
And Balya who is the dean of communication, information and technology at Makerere University pulls out some moves in it.
Last Saturday, Rafshizzle watched free drama when Mr Balya had gone for the KFM Hard Talk show in Namuwongo but fellow guests and the show host Simon Kasyate wanted to have a ‘feel’ of the car.
Balya told Kasyate that he (Kasyate) couldn’t even start it. Kasyate wanted to prove the professor wrong but he ended up looking ridiculous when he asked for the keys yet actually the car is started with a thumb.
The professor placed his thumb on a feeler near the dashboard and the car started instantly hence leaving everybody astounded. Then he told them that anybody could start it if the owner was inside. And that it has a place for the key but the thumb can lock it and the key becomes useless.
The car costs between Shs150 million and Shs170 million, however, with a lot of “pimping the ride” the professor could have paid more than that.
A source told Rafshizzle that Prof. Balya parted with Shs260 to have the car made specially for him.
It also has a personalised number plate with only the letter U.
Actually, it has a lot of expensive things in and on it, however, it seems this car rarely goes to the washing bay. It’s always dirty!
What a contrast!

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