Thursday, November 29, 2007

Female fan slates Chameleone

Oh, Jose Chameleone, you just can’t seem to escape criticism.
And this latest pop is from some female (Allen Kizza) staying in Netherlands.
Rafshizzle received an e-mail from Kizza accusing Chameleone of accepting money from different promoters around the world and yet not showing up for the concerts. Kizza said that Chameleone has so far dodged concerts in Belgium, Canada and Netherlands after getting deposits.
She wrote: “Please we like your music but you should work on your personality we are tired of no show but if as planned goes well this will be your last time to eat peoples’ money and do not fulfil your promises, enough is enough…We wish you the best in your music.”
Oh, Kizza, don’t sugar the pill before Chameleone chews it like this: “Those self-proclaimed promoters are so frustrating. They just advertise without confirming with me and then organise visas at the last moment, which sometimes hinders my travel. They should plan ahead of time than fumbling at the final hours.”
Well, Rafshizzle reserves his comments because Chameleone is even currently in Canada for a concert.

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