Thursday, December 13, 2007

Glamour girls entertain Lyttle

Sometimes I like a sing along.
So in the words of the pop king MJ in his song Dirty Diana…
“She likes the boys in the band…Every musician’s fan after the curtain comes down…”
Such tunage could have been written about Kampala’s glamour girls.
Let’s just say they have lust for every musician who comes to town – from Shaggy to Sean Paul and it was no exceptional as Kevin Lyttle came last week.
The Turn Me On star first told a press conference prior to his concert that he was “single and searching.”
And oh dear, a horde of girls mobbed him from the moment he arrived at Kati Kati for his concert up to the after-party at Sway Nightclub. And it was the same case in Entebbe two days later.
Each of them was whispering to him like they had met years before – we don’t know what they were asking secretly.
I understand what being “star-struck” is and surely this was not!
I actually, suspect one of the girls kissed Lyttle as booze started showing its influence on them.
Well, Rafshizzle gives the chap full marks for creativity because he managed to juggle all the girls giving them an impression that he would leave with them all.
Hope he didn’t leave pregnancies behind – Shaggy has.

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