Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gaetano Still Cares for Abby?

You can always count on your ex-nearest to wade in with an opinion on your life – whether you want them to or not.
Just ask former BBA1 housemate Abby Plaatjes, whose former lover Gaetano has been sticking his oar in.
Yep, Gae has a lot to say... chatting about Abby’s relationship with Tanzania-based Italian tycoon and now about her second pregnancy.
And imagine saying all this in the earshot of Rafshizzle.
Perhaps I am sorry for delaying to tell you that Abby is pregnant again but the newest story now is of Gae whom we heard telling his friends that he feels very disappointed in the way Abby is taking her life.
Gaetano’s concern is that Abby might lose her “good body shape” by giving birth rapidly.
It’s barely two years after Abby had given birth to her first baby but she is expecting her second kiddo in less than five months and Gaetano thinks she is not being considerate.
Gae, trust us, Abby reads Rafshizzle so consider it message delivered!

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