Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Are you ready to witch at Pa Lui?

CAPTION: Some of the Halloween masks

The witching day is upon us.
And all is set as far as Rafshizzle is concerned.
Don’t get carried away – I’m not a witch of course you know – I’m talking Halloween.
As the day draws in and the devils draw out their swords...Rafshizzle just thought it would be important to inform you that this Thursday November 1 is Halloween Nite at Club Pa Lui in Ntinda.
For some of us who have attended some Halloween Nights, we know what happens there…
I mean, there come creepy creatures who make your blood turn cold.
In true spooky fashion, even the famous faces morph themselves from their beautiful faces we know and love...she is a beauty you are not only familiar with but also fancy but hell she wears a creepy face and you are disgusted.
Why say everything when you can come and witness for yourself what is in the house of horrors?
The party is moreover for free and it starts at 6 p.m. until late in the night.
Brave it if you dare...

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