Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Pam Awards Gossip You Can't Miss!!!

The Pam awards have more swings and roundabouts than this Kampala, I swear!Well, I know you could have seen most of the things but well hear this

Boobs don’t lie
Some breasts just won’t stay put and Sylvia Owori can tell you that it has something to do with size. The fashion designer’s ‘massive’ boobs were on a rebellious streak at the Pam awards.
Think of it as a battle of wills - the newly mother wanted her (honestly beautiful) boobs under wraps, but the boobs had ideas above their station. Owori looked comfortable while arriving but when she sat down, her bra budged a bit and the boobs, probably tired of being repressed, attempted a bid for freedom. She was struggling to put them in place time and again. I wish she had moved with her tot to reduce the amount of milk in the bulging boobs.
Henry Tigan covered his face with the award. Then came his performance and the lad was evidently panicking – it was like he would, anytime, escape from stage. He sang a happy-go song (Pretty Girl) but his face illustrated someone singing about an ugly woman.

Sugar baby with the sugar mummy
Hold the front page, newspapers.
Straka Mwezi has some truly groundbreaking news...
After months of wandering about with her boy Tom, a dancer, Straka’s finally come forward to say, “yes we are dating and that’s all.”
She said all this at the Pam awards and they say photos don’t lie, check this…
Amarula Family mocks Mayor Sebaggala
They first welcomed him and then said:
Paddy: Mayor is very interesting. He doesn’t say things like some of us. Well, let’s imagine he is here with us.
Paddy: You are so very smart.
Amooti as Sebaggala: Oh, I are I?

So let’s say a prayer!
Like I said while starting this story; Pam awards had a mixture of emotions and incidents and what else would fit better than a prayer. So, let’s join the Pam awards chairman, Isaac Mulindwa to say a prayer and hope for a better ceremony next year.

Naked girl
Somebody had better call the naked police...
We have a suspect at the Pam awards and she is seated next to former Obsessions’ dancer Macrine – actually they resemble and are bosom -buddies.
Think you can identify her and make the arrest yourself? Here is her photo…

Rocky Kiss
Who knew Rocky Giant had it in him?
Kissing skills, that is.
Maybe he thought most of us doubted a “bad boy” like him would be smooth on women and he wanted to prove us wrong – the fella kissed his girlfriend on stage as they came to collect his Best Hip-Hop Artiste award.
Walukagga taunts Ssebbaale
Best Kadongo Kamu Artiste award winner Mathias Walukagga hurried to attack losing nominee Fred Ssebbaale calling him the “fluker in the category.”
He has no new music and his Abasitamira Emmere (nominated for Best Kadongo Kamu Single) is of 2003,” said Walukagga, “I was going to protest if he had won.”

Shut your dirty bums girl
For the love of God, somebody pass Henry Tigan’s dancer a longer skirt.
This bum is most unsightly.
You might think, I have issues with Henry Tigan but what can’t you see?
No, this performance has been planned and I expected Tigan to be as much prepared as his dancers.
And then she shows her dirty bum to very respected people of this country – ah, would any of you Adam and Eve it with her – maybe in the name of comedy.

What’s up with Jackie Chan?
She is Jackie Chandiru! Don’t argue…she is the one. We were also arguing like you until we moved up-close…
We weren’t also aware that the Blu*3 crooner wanted to be the next Straka Mwezi.
Yes, at this rate of bulging and loss of the fashion sense, Rafshizzle is sure Straka faces a stiff competition from Jackie. What’s the dealio girl?

Bebe Cool’s winning or losing colours?
At last year’s Pam awards, Bebe Cool put on a red shirt. He wore a similar red shirt throughout his Bafudde concerts in Kampala and Jinja recently and it’s the same shirt he came wearing at the Pam awards this year. Well, he lost the top award last year and this year though he made good money during the Bafudde concerts. So, now we are confused whether to say red is his lucky or unlucky colour. That’s a lot of superstition from Rafshizzle and I would be comfortable to settle in God’s path because it’s what most of us understand better.


kizito said...

Dem boobs,... who competes really?

kizito said...

By the way, Bebe also has one tisho, the yellow one with white stripes. I first saw him in it during those times of project fame...paka last!

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