Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chameleone’s controversial film role

You know chameleon, an animal but please let’s teach you a new phrase – Chameleone.
It describes a lad whose artistic colours can fit in any environment.
After bagging himself a number of music accolades, two-time Pam award-winner Jose Chameleone has set his eyes on awards in the acting world, he has told 24-Seven.
But don’t think he would simply sit and wait for the awards to come by themselves.
He has already written his first film, which is about music legend Philly Bongoley Lutaaya, who succumbed to Aids in 1989.
In the movie, Chameleone acts the main character, an HIV/Aids-infected person who helps pass-on information to the public about how to avoid the horrendous pandemic.
Good cause of course, however, a source has said that the lanky star is wary that people might start associating him with the character in the film because of his size.
Yeah, some characters are better written than acted.


kizito said...

I can't wait. For long I have wished to see Mzee Mayanja in a movie.

ategeka said...

pls jose go on i wish u success