Friday, November 16, 2007

Angry Bebe Cool off for US tour

CAPTION: Bebe Cool leaves the Pam awards ceremony with Zuena

Bebe Cool is off to the US for a month-long music tour.
He left on November 8 and he would perform in Minnesota, Boston, Texas, Washington DC and Atlanta among other states. He told 24-Seven that he would use the money collected from the concerts to pay-off the balance for his Hummer.
“I’m remaining with $10,000,” he said, “But I expect to have my Hummer running on Kampala roads in less than two months from now because I’m being paid $3,000 per concert in the US and yet I’m to do more than six concerts.” But let not the tour and Hummer news make you think that Bebe Cool is a happy chap - at least not with the Pam awards results.
The Best Male Artiste award-winner said he would never respect the Pam awards after he lost the Artiste of the Year award to Ronald Mayinja.
“Pam awards should be embarrassed, how can you say that Mayinja is better than Bebe Cool,” he said, “I have my music loved across but what about him.”

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