Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fauzia Nakiboneka’s new job

Fauzia Nakiboneka is a very talented lady as far as acting is concerned.
And now Nakiboneka has yet another skill to add to her CV – singing!
She has just finished recording her maiden track, which will be released next year, a source revealed to Rafshizzle.
The source said that Nakiboneka wants to show people that she can do more than act and she would release a full album mid-2008.
Nakiboneka, who is now one of The Ebonies lead actresses, has already showcased her vocal talents in the group’s latest productions, singing during their shows.
But we are still keen to have a listen of her commercial music, as we are all aware such ventures can have a slight cringey factor.But I don’t want to discourage you, Naki, please go on and give us a tune!

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Bonnie.B. said...

Fauuzi, congrats for your progress,I still fondly remembeer you during our school days at kampala High school, your polishly accented british english,and the humour you could bring in our literature class, keep up the good work lady-Bonnie Agea