Thursday, November 29, 2007

I ain’t a paedophile – Straka

Since her split with Charles Oimuke, men have drifted in and out of Straka’s life.
And our tongues started wagging when she strutted the Pam awards red carpet hand-in-hand with a young boy though she told Rafshizzle; “I’m not and will never be a paedophile.”
But a US-based artiste called Andrew Bbosa contacted Rafshizzle and said he was infuriated by Straka for “forcing my young brother called Cyrus Sooka into sleeping with her.”
Bbosa said that Sooka (18) was spending oodles of time with Straka “after she promised to promote his music on TV and radios.”
When Rafshizzle contacted Sooka three weeks ago, he first denied saying that Straka was “just my promoter” only to change his statement last week saying, “Actually she’s furious that I’ve refused to sleep with her.”
However, Straka has rubbished the claims saying that someone is trying to taint her name.
“Those are boys I promote,” she said, “That boy (Sooka) has a girlfriend, and I’m not that daft to sleep with a kid.”

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