Friday, December 28, 2007

Bebe becomes an Oga!

TAKE THIS...: Bebe gives free beers to his Jinja fans

Some of us are saying, “Santa baby, leave a big cheque under the tree, for me...”
But several of Jinja people are not among us because they already got something from their “in-law” Bebe Cool.
December 22 was the perfect eve of Christmas for them as Bebe Cool turned into a Nigerian Oga and started splashing free cash to them.
He was performing at the Bell Lager carnival in Jinja.
And like how you see Ogas doing in Nigerian movies, Bebe Cool who also has a song called Oga, splashed cash notes to revellers he referred to as “bakko” (in-laws).
He told them that Jinja being the land where he got his wife (Zuena), “Christmas time is when every man gives something to his in-laws and here I give this to you.”
He splashed out more than Shs2 million and a number of beers.
I’m not envious but I wish…

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