Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mesach Bringing Usher For Concert?

Let me ask this question once again: if you are a top-drawer celeb in Uganda, do you still get star struck by A-listers in the US?
Well, it is Mesach Semakula to answer that little conundrum for us – and his answer is yes.
He may be the one who makes necks turn in Uganda but he is certainly not above a little photo opportunity and autograph hunting.
Especially when it comes to R&B sensation Usher Raymond.
The 2005 Artiste of the Year wasted no time in asking the Grammy Award Winner for his signature at Macy’s in Manhattan where Usher was launching his fragrance ‘master-brand’ called Usher’s He & She on September 27.
“I got a chance to smell Usher’s new fragrance when he had just worn it,” said Mesach, “He is so outgoing and after I had talked to his manager, we agreed that he would perform in Uganda sooner than later.”
Mesach said he asked Usher to sign him an autograph.
“An autograph is the only thing you can show and people believe you met someone,” he said.
But was Usher tempted to ask for Semakula’s autograph, we wonder?

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Tony Gishe a.k.a. Negotiator said...

Any promoters in Uganda want to work with Kenyan promoter in U.S.A on serious reggae artists. Holla back.