Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Akon in Kenya, snubs Uganda again


Our heads have been working overtime, praying for this one concert.
And finally we are glad to announce that Akon is at last coming to perform…
But wait to cheer because this is a heady mix of excitement and sadness.
Actually, the chart-topping hip-hop star will for the second time snub Uganda when he comes to perform in Kenya this Saturday.
Akon snubbed Kenya and Uganda when he came for a concert in Tanzania last year and now he is set to perform at Impala Grounds in Nairobi on December 22 but he won’t come to Uganda though other theories state that he would jet into the country with the Brick & Lace duo who will perform in Kampala on December 31 and January 1 2008. Brick & Lace are signed to Akon’s music label, Konvict and he is their producer/executive manager.
The Nairobi-Akon show is being organised by Bushstock Entertainment and being supported by Easy FM, which is the Kenyan sister station of KFM. Brick & Lace are being in here by Majo Entertainment supported by KFM.
And there is also another story that Akon might have something to say on the microphone in Uganda days after the Bricks & Lace show.
After the Kenyan concert, Akon will proceed to his homeland Senegal for Christmas with his family before going to three other African countries – that automatically means Uganda still has a slight chance but only if they can pay $150,000 (around Shs260m) for a concert.
Hullo, everybody back on your knees for more prayers...

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