Friday, December 28, 2007

Akon coming to Uganda?

There’s rumour that Akon could be coming with the Brick & Lace singing duo who will usher Uganda into 2008. But I ask everybody to remember Akon is a world star.
I won’t say much about those promising to bring him in here alongside Brick & Lace but they should remember that we know he is not that cheap to come as ennyongezza!
Mind you: he was paid deposit of $7000 for the Kenyan concert, which was supposed to take place on December 22, but he dodged on grounds of insecurity.
He had a point because there is normally violence in Kenya during elections but then who tells you that Akon can come to Uganda just like that.
If he comes, the better for us but it shouldn’t be taken like hope – call it a dream that is hard to come true!

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