Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ouma blasts Amon again!

While on his trip to Uganda recently, boxer Kassim Ouma emphasised on his eternal/strong love for “all Ugandans” wherever he went.
“I love you all, Ugandans” became his cliché.
However, there is one gentleman (Rafshizzle is sure) Ouma can never love or at least have good words for.
From the headline you already know I’m talking about Amon Lukwago, ex-boyfriend of Ouma’s girlfriend Juliana Kanyomozi and father of her son Keron.
Juliana had earlier told Rafshizzle that Keron was starting to show interest in the sport of boxing after watching many of Ouma’s DVDs at her place. And when asked if he could train Keron as a potential future boxer, Ouma said, “no problem, the only problem is the stubborn character who calls himself his (Keron) father. Keron is my son and I love him and his mother.”
Ouma even went as far as saying he would join singing just to lambaste Amon.
“I hear Amon said he would punch me if he found me on the streets but I swear I would never respond because I’m a professional boxer who can’t just go throwing punches at people,” said Ouma, “I would instead record a song with Juliana and I attack him in the tune. I know it works.”
Looking at the photos in the gallery below there is no doubt these guys are in love and that is why they kissed on stage (in public). And on the singing issue, don’t rule out Ouma because he showed that he could sample a few tunes during the Street Jam at Club Silk last Saturday. Take a look at the photos.

Ouma dances with Juliana at Jam
STILL HAPPY: Amon smiles
Ouma sings for Juliana at Jam


harmony said...

Ouma if Amon does not want his son to do boxing then he won't do boxing!!! and no matter what you will never be his DAD!!

emma said...

Ouma first cut is the deepest,and a dad will remain adad for life.Amen