Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chameleone clashes with Bobi Wine again!

The two definitely make it to the list of Uganda’s top 10 artistes but Chameleone and Bobi Wine could have done something else in case they were not singers.
And perhaps, they would be boxers or kick-boxers, or any fighters of the sort.
The pair will never stop fighting whenever they meet and so that was the case even when they met last Tuesday at Club Silk. However, this time round, they abandoned using their hands and they decided to fight using their cars. Whoever knocked the other only God knows better, because they have traded counter accusations and whomever you talk to persuades you to accept that he was on the defence. They both reported each other at Jinja Road Police. They all talked to newspaper journalists and radio presenters explaining what happened.
Chameleone and Bobi Wine fighting is an old story to me----something you expect everyday but my concern is only that some things start as jokes and end up being serious.
Whatever God has prepared to end this feud, I am sure one of them will regret heavily.Meanwhile, I managed to get a photo of Bobi Wine’s spoilt car.

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kizito said...

This guy Bobi wine, why is it that he is always the first to report things and not to the police , but to the media?
I admire his musical improvements, but I see a snake in him. I agree with those who say he has an inferiority complex that will never desert him!