Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sheba replaces Cleo in Obsessions

Dance groups in Uganda are known for bitter break-ups and nasty feuds but sometimes, when you fall off the horse it’s best to just get straight back in the saddle.
Well, Obsessions seem to respect that and it’s probably why they have survived for such long despite numerous splits.
It has been a few days now since Cleo Koheirwe retired from dancing for the group but Obsessions have replaced her with another cutie called Sheba (in a short period---I must add).
Sheba fell out with her co-founders in the dance group Stingers before joining Obsessions.
And now I have been able to actually see her perform with the other four girls at different events including the Street Jam at Club Silk last week.
At the Jam she seemed to be doing well as she talked to the other girls and the male member/manager Ronnie Mulindwa---putting his arm around her, no more.
However, I have heard a rumour that Mulindwa’s girlfriend Sharon is unhappy with how he treats Sheba like “a queen.”
Moreover he wrote the play Queen of Sheba in 2004 that was played by the Obsessions.
Meanwhile, you can enjoy photos of Sheba with other Obsessions girls at the Street Jam, below.

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