Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Artiste for Abbey Road Studios

It is once again that time of the year when local artistes put their work on the scale…I mean, the Celtel/Bell-sponsored Pam awards are back.
The media launch was held at Serena Conference Centre last Thursday and, boy, we had kimere…
Well, most stakeholders in the music industry were present and it was just the right time and place for the organisers to announce the new strategies.
Chairman Isaac Mulindwa said, they decided to take the number of categories to 35 by introducing a new category, Album of the Year.
But the most interesting one was the offer for the New Artiste of the Year. On top of the cash prize, the New Artiste will get an offer to record at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios located on Abbey Road, in St John’s Wood in the City of Westminster, London. The studios produced some of all-time greats like The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Al Stewart, Pink Floyd, The Shadows and ABBA.
Bell Lager will pay all expenses for the trip and record deal.
Celtel’s Martin said he was delighted by the offer for the New Artiste because the previous ones have had to struggle after getting the awards.
“Look at Winnie Munyenga (2003), East World Fooda (2004), Sweet Kid (2005) and Lady Mariam Tindatine (2006), they have not lived up to our expectations,” he said.
Meanwhile, the main event is slated for November 3; however, regional launches commence on Saturday, May 26 at the Garden’s Restaurant in Fort Portal before moving to Mbale in two weeks time.
And, the nomination and voting system remains the same like in 2006.


Tandra said...

Now, not to sound faithless, but we have heard these "deals made in heaven", recording studio wakina best sound for uganda wakina watever. But you know, now that i think abt it, maybe its not really about where or who does your recording, ((evidently in uganda's case it..)) anyway, i cld go on and on...sorry

My comment: wow!! hope it all works out!

Savage said...

Tandra, I am with you. This is just a vanity thing which is not gonna benefit anyone apart from bragging rights.

Uganda has reached a world standard as far as recording quality. No need to fly anyone out to record.

As usual Mulindwa and his disciples have missed the boat.

The real problem for Ugandan musicians is marketing/promotion and distribution.