Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Maggie Kigozi Is A Pastor Kayanja Fan

Pastor Kayanja (white suit) talks to President Museveni's son Muhoozi and wife as Roger (white tie) looks on.
HE'S GREAT: Maggie seems to be saying

Here’s a question for you guys, if you’re a top public figure, do you still get star struck by other A-listers?
Well, don’t stress yourselves guys because Uganda Investment boss Maggie Kigozi has answered that little conundrum for me.
She may be rich and well known by even the richest investors in the country but she is certainly not above the “star struck syndrome.”
Especially when it comes to Pastor Robert Kayanja.
Mama Navio demonstrated her admiration for Kayanja during the premiere of Roger Mugisha-inspired film Battle of the Souls at Didi’s World last Sunday.
Kigozi was invited to give a speech but she looked wordless and even blamed the emcee Roger Mugisha for making her speak after Kayanja has finished.
“Ouch, Oh my God (smiles), I don’t know what to say,” she stammered, “I would like to say Pastor Kayanja, I’m privileged to be here with you. Roger how could you let me speak after Pastor Kayanja.”
I want to tell you this lady was really star struck because she was even sweating in an air-conditioned cinema hall. But the wide smile on her face meant she was okay, anyway.
But I’m tempted to ask what would happen if Pastor Kayanja went to her and said he wanted to start an investment but he wanted her approval.
Someone told me that even if it was “destroying” Mabira Forest or something that frustrates Navio, she would say, “yes go Pastor and do it!”

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