Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mr Nice, Chameleone beaten up in Tororo

CAPTION: Chameleone rides a horse in Tororo(circled)

There is one man who will never get out of the news, either for good reasons or bad. It is Jose Chameleone…
A source in the town of Tororo told Rafshizzle that Chameleone and his Tanzanian counterpart were caned for “conning” other guys’ girls.
The two finished a “massive” show and everybody who turned up for the show at King George VI Memorial Stadium, left happy and satisfied but the two would annoy a group of youth who mobilised their friends and attacked the artistes with canes.
Mr Nice lost his “golden” bling bling in the clash but they both managed to escape free of wounds.
Chameleone had earlier in the day (May 16), caused a stir in the town as he rode his white horse through Tororo streets.
But that good beginning was to end on a bad note.
Photo by John Augustine Emojong

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