Saturday, May 19, 2007

Amon's musical war on Juliana

Will Juliana Kanyomozi and her ex-boyfriend Amon Lukwago ever know when to stop this?
When this one says “A” the other will say “B” and they have no problem with finishing the 26 letters and then repeat until we stop listening…
Just of recent Juliana’s new catch, boxer Kassim Ouma promised to sing blasting Amon for not leaving him and Juliana alone.
And now, Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that Amon is also working on a strategy to combat Juliana on the music front.
Amon was overheard telling his friends that he would like to show the world that he did a lot to make Juliana what she is today.
He said he would invest in his new girlfriend Liz to start singing and make sure she topples Juliana.
He said this would also help him show the world that it was him who made Juliana a successful singer.
As you read this, Amon has already contacted songwriter Silver Kyagulanyi to pen 10 songs for Liz and she is expected to enter the studio very soon.My only slight concern on this venture is that it seems we are soon getting a new Chameleone-Bobi affair in music and this time the females.

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Savage said...

It will take divine intervention for whatshername, Liz, to topple Juliana. Not that Juliana is unstoppable, but because you don't get to that stage of her career overnight.Juliana has paid her dues and built her fan base over time.
Otherwise good luck to Liz.