Monday, May 21, 2007

President Bobi Wine’s lisp?

MPOZZI, IT'S LISP OR LIPSTICK: Bobi seems to be consulting with Barbie before performing

I’m one person who loves writing about Ugandan artistes, so I often listen to their music, word-by-word, just not to kid myself whenever I need to try out the lyrics.
I, actually, can sing all Bobi Wine’s songs minus Kiwani because there is a line where I don’t understand what he says.
In the last verse, he sings, “…n’omukazi abulwa okyokulya (kiwani), n’afuna ezigula lisp tick…” meaning, “a woman could shun eating to buy ‘lisp tick’.”
Did the President mean the word “lisp tick” or it was a lisp in pronouncing the word “lipstick”?
By the way don’t think I’m kidding just listen to the song and mark the last verse and maybe when you discover the truth, you can eventually help the President of Ghetto with some info about women’s cosmetics…
In the meantime, over to you Mr President...

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