Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Absence, I had an accident!

How are you all my good people, I am back!
In know everybody would like to know why I have been quiet for all that time.
Well, straight to the point: I almost died in an accident in Muyenga at around 8 p.m. on Thursday evening.
My friend Jeff who was driving apparently lost control of the Toyota SE100 in which we were travelling as another person in a blue BMW tried to hurtle our car.
Something like, “culpable homicide!”
Our vehicle overturned between the road leading to Enos Tumusiime’s home and the main route leading to International Hotel Muyenga.
The good thing is that I suffered minor injuries and was treated for shock at Kibuli Hospital that night but my friend cannot walk well up to now because he tried to jump out of the car.
He told me he knew the man in the blue BMW and that they are at loggerheads but he refused to tell me the guy’s names.
Up to today, I’m still gobsmacked and I don’t know what exactly was happening. The only detail I can give is that I had an accident in Muyenga, got injuries on my shoulder and ears.
Actually my left-hand-side ear still pains.

I want to say thanks for all your good prayers people. But my highest thanks go to my creator Allah (God).
I want to say, Thank You God for whatever happened to me because you bring and take away, you create and destroy whenever you wish. I would still be grateful to you for whatever would have happened to me because I can’t deny death and I can’t fear it. I’m sure God you have a better place for me and us all, I believe in you Allah.
Allahu Akbar

But now I am back and back with a bang.


Rafshizzle, da nizzle who's rizzle for shizzle!

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Savage said...

Well be back. That was close.