Friday, May 4, 2007

Miss Uganda on halt to respect Mayombo

IT'S TIME TO FIRST SAY GOODBYE: Beauty queens in Gulu say goodbye to the audience but this time round the contest in Fort Portal has been put on halt to first say the same words to Brig. Noble Mayombo (Below)

Not many of us could have a Miss Uganda event cancelled if we died.
But if your name is Noble Mayombo, you do…
Fort Portal beauties had started preparing themselves for the Miss Uganda contest/auditions, which was slated for this Saturday in the area, when the sad news of Brig. Noble Mayombo’s death came in early this week.
In a respectful spirit, the organisers of the beauty pageant decided to put it on halt until next week.
We are counting minutes before Mayombo is laid to rest in Fort Portal tomorrow and then Miss Uganda will be back after a week but I fear it might go a wee bit dull with an audience still having tears on their eyes.
I’m so nervous I don’t think the debate of who is most beautiful will find its way through the cliques of people discussing what killed their gallant son.
Rafshizzle will travel to Fort Portal for Miss Uganda and I will give you the picture after the do.

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