Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tiner school of beauty or “difficulty”!

I first heard this story some good weeks ago and I though it was a temporary order but nay!
I’m not saying that students at Tiner School of Beauty have difficulties in doing their courses---of course you will freely get your certificate in three years as long as you pay tuition fee of Shs1.9 million---but the students are quite uncomfortable about the issue of the school lavatories.
I have been shocked to learn that the Kibuli situated school has no lavatories – sorry, they have them but students are on a “Pay as You Use” service where one pays Shs100 whenever he/she needs to use the lavatory. Actually, the school has hired a man to sit at the toliet entrance to charge whoever is entering the toilets.
One of the students told me that the school management has advised Muslim girls to use stones to clean themselves and those in periods to learn to control their periods.
“Is this possible?” I couldn’t reach the school principle/owner, Ms Ruth Kibirige yet my story was getting old but I promise to give the excerpts when I land on her---just the right reason why you should watch this space!

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