Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Behind the scenes at P-Square show

Call me a peeping Tom, but the truth remains that I love a good spy on things that happen behind the scenes…and I guess it is one of the reasons why you visit this blog.
Straight away: the P-Square show at Lugogo last Saturday was no exceptional and here is what you could have missed out on seeing.

Note: All photos by Bruno B

P-Square manager Jude brutalises fans
As P-Square rocked, people went crazy and many started craving to at least touch the stars on stage. But their manager Jude was having none of it. So he brutalised whoever tried to climb the platform and get closer to the singers. Oga, you were too rude!
See photo:

Clever J is very clever on drinks
Even a cat would complain if you drank milk in front of it yet it is also hungry.
But artiste Clever J is not the kind of guy who gives a damn. At P-Square show he enjoyed his booze alone as his bodyguards "thirstfully" looked on.
Maybe, Clever J is so clever that he can never allow his bodyguards to lose their soberness for even a single minute.
Check photo:

Mr “busy man” Eddie Sendi ends it well
There is no doubt that B.C.E’s Eddie Sendi, who was one of the organisers, was also the busiest man of the night.
Sendi had five phones on him and would recieve like three calls at a time but that was not wearisome enough to bar him from adding on more responsibilities. And he was also the man to look after the beautiful girls at the venue. He would jump from one place to another, meeting and talking to different girls; then in a blink of an eye you would see him talking on phone, then running to the entrance and back at the backstage---man, the dude was all over the place! Umm, not dude, then why were all girls craving for him...Ah!
Anyways, by the time the show ended, he was really tired but what a good end, he had a beauty to accompany him for a respite as you can see in the photo below. What I don't know is if he really rested...

Models beaten for sneaking into P-Square car
And perhaps after realising that Jude was quite harsh on those who climbed the stage to touch P-Square, some girls---including a model I know but won't mention her name for some reasons---took cover behind the stage waiting for the twins.
As Paul and Peter Okoye were entering, the girls sneaked into the car provoking beatings from the 'unkind' bouncers who pounced at them started slapping them before throwing them out of the car like they were throwing toilet papers! Consequently, one of the girls hit her head on a pole of the tent behind the stage and she started crying but no blood!
I suspect these girls wanted to give Paul and Peter the results of the “six-pack body” competition. You know, the twins had earlier staged a sort of competition between themselves when they put-off their shirts and asked the audience to vote the one who has the best body.
Photo: A girl consoles a friend who was harshly thrown out of P-Square car hence hitting her head.

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