Friday, May 4, 2007

Ashraf makes more two troublesome films

CAPTION: Ashraf talks to Rafshizzle from his bed at Mulago Hospital two days after he resurfaced from his kidnapping last year(right) and (left) he acts with a gun in one of the scenes of Murder in the City.

If there is anybody who loves riding on the back of conflicts, then it is actor Ashraf Simwogerere.
When President Museveni said he wanted an elected Katikiro for Mengo Government, Simwogerere was the first person to write a play portraying what would happen if Kabaka accepted Museveni’s opinion. And I don’t need to remind you what happened when Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi was arrested after the death of his wife Robinah. The film Murder in the City caused stir in Kampala when people who wanted him to abandon it, reportedly kidnapped him.
But as if that was not enough, when bigwigs like ex-minister Mike Mukula and Vice President Gilbert Bukenya were involved in sex scandals, the actor announced early this year that he was making a film based on a womanising government VIP titled The Honoruable. Auditions for the particular movie were held early last month and shooting is still going on.
However, before we even get a single glimpse on the expected-to-be controversial film The Honourable, Simwogerere has again announced he has plans of “quickly” making another movie titled The Poisoning of a Brigadier.
This comes in the wake of the death of Brig. Noble Mayombo who was “allegedly” poisoned at a public gathering.
Hmm, whatever Simwogerere is looking for, not even Rafshizzle knows.
Another kidnap?Watch this space but at least

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