Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miss Uganda contest on the brink to flop

Surely, Miss Uganda beauty contest has more swings and roundabouts than your local park. I actually wonder if we can one day have a stable contest…
Just when we had started celebrating the return of the big event, news reaching my desk is not as good as something promising.
A source told me that the Executive Director of the contest Solaya Zalwango has been forced into a court battle by her former assistant Jessica Kyeyune.
The story is that Kyeyune is surreptitiously trying to influence big companies to sponsor her to start a similar contest so as to counter Zalwango’s pageant.
An insider said Kyeyune wants to force Zalwango to accept to sell her some of the shares in the Miss Uganda Company. Kyeyune thinks she is a better organiser and yet popular among potential sponsors than Zalwango, so she is tired of being used as an assistant and wants to be a shareholder.
However, Zalwango is not ready to give up her company to anybody come rain or shine and she has decided to contact a lawyer who is my friend seeking help.
The worry is that the contest might fail to take place as the focus shifts from region auditions to court proceedings.
The next one is expected to take place in Mbale on May 26 before Jinja on June 2 and finally, Kampala on June 9.Anyhow, we just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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