Friday, May 4, 2007

G-TV starts June 1, DStv in big perplexity

Photo: Peter Mungoma (pix) resigned from DStv for G-TV and he says there will be just too many dishes all over Uganda just like in the photo.

Multi-choice/DStv’s monopoly will be put to an end on June 1 when a new Pay-TV company called G-TV launches in Uganda.
Real nightmares for DStv; isn’t it? You know it started with their Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Mungoma resigning on grounds that he was going for further studies.
But before they completed the puzzle of who on earth could fill Mungoma’s shoes, they were shocked on learning that actually Mungoma had teamed up with their former PRO Martin Serugga to bring a similar business to compete with DStv in Uganda.
G-TV is based in Dubai, UAE and has more than three million subscribers in UAE alone, and it also has services in more than six African nations including Egypt and Senegal.
For some good years Multi-choice has been expensively enjoying the cake alone but now that we have another one who wants to have a crack at their cake, hope this will shape new/cheaper charges for pay-TV in the country.
I mean, we can see DStv do what Celtel did when MTN and Mango opened.
Mungoma told me that G-TV will be cheaper than DStv and I just want to promise you my dear readers that I will keep you posted.

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