Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bebe Cool in tears for his Bafudde!

You’ve got to feel sorry for Bebe Cool…yes, he has had a double whammy of misfortune.
You all know that he lost the keys of his “expensive” Range Rover during the East African Carnival in Munyonyo recently and he has since been asked to pay Shs1.8 million to get a replacement.
But as he looks for the money to pay for the key, Bebe Cool has been ordered to clear a date of Shs10 million he got from a certain bank as part of money that bought the car.
I can’t mention the name of the bank because of some reasons but I’m sure some of you have started to guess that this is a Ugandan’s bank.
Bebe Cool bought the second-hand car from a Japanese when it had a damaged roof and when I went to Munyonyo on Tuesday I found when the rain had spoilt it even more.
Actually, when it rains heavily, water passes through the roof to the seats and the car is getting more spoilt day after day.
The question is, where is the owner and what does he thinks.
You can’t blame him for negligence because right now he is looking for funds for his album launch where he wants to bring the Ganja Planter singer to perform.
Actually, the other day I bumped into him, walking on the streets.

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