Thursday, May 3, 2007

British PM to stay at Emin Pasha

I REST NOW, WORK LATER: Gordon (in set) seems to be saying. This is the photo of room 18 where he could stay if voted & Uganda hosts Chogm

There’s a lot of building going on in Uganda all in the name of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm) this November.
New large and mid-size hotels are opening up in the capital, Kampala, and existing hotels are adding more rooms to accommodate the expected droves. But enlarging the rooms might mean nothing because the likes of the British government have demonstrated that small is beautiful and better.
I mean, Rafshizzle can exclusively reveal to you that the British Government has booked for a whole floor on the small Emin Pasha Boutique Hotel in Nakasero to house their Prime Minister during the meeting.
By that time Britain should have voted for a new PM, who is most likely to be Gordon Brown from the retiring Tony Blair’s Labour Party.
The big man will be staying in room 18, the same one where Oscar Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker slept in while here for the premiere of The Last King of Scotland.
To some this could appear a surprise but I’m not surprised because of some good reasons---first, President Museveni has ever slept here; the hotel was also chosen venue for the African premiere of the Last King of Scotland where the cast was engaged in interviews with journalists from all over the world; Whitaker and his co-actor James McAvoy alongside the film director Kevin McDonald plus author Giles Foden have slept here.
And all producers and representatives from 20th Century Fox stayed at this hotel for several days while in Kampala, and man I also found Naava Nabagesera hiding there.
She is very pregnant but doesn’t want people to see her---perhaps the hotel offers privacy.
The previous guests could have made enough publicity for Kampala’s first boutique hotel.I think, I should shift and get near Emin Pasha Hotel in time.

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