Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is Namatovu Sleeping With Kassim Ouma?

Rafshizzle is a man who loves a good mystery.
Today I’m trying to work out if UBC journalist Alice Namatovu now answers to the name of Kassim Ouma’s new catch/girlfriend!
Firstly, I have collated all the clues I have had so far. They are:

* Namatovu talked to Ouma on phone before he landed at Entebbe airport and he knew she was among the people to receive him on arrival. I mean, this set a common place for the two to get together...

* When he arrived, she shoved off almost everybody and eventually was the person to receive Ouma with a bouquet. Not even Ouma’s formal girlfriend, artiste Juliana Kanyomozi could reach Ouma in Namatovu’s presence---she was just all over the place. She even clashed with former boxer Nyakana who was the initial person supposed to recieve Ouma. She’s single and beautiful. So, the chances are very strong that she is interested in the boxer.

* The rumour mill has had several orders in to produce goss on the two - including one hot story about them feeding each other at Serena Hotel the night Ouma arrived. That night Ouma was supposed to go to Ange Noir as he had said but I hear Namatovu refused him and said he needed to rest. Juliana left the hotel to go and check on her son Keron but I don’t know if she returned and yet she left Namatovu with Ouma at the hotel. What could have happened after she had left…? However, the following day Juliana and Ouma were seen shopping at Uchumi Garden City hence bringing work to a standstill.

For the final clue in the puzzle, I invite you to jump in my Mystery Machine and peer at the images I have of Namatovu and Ouma. NB: Just look for the lady in red/pink, she is the one and of course Ouma is easy to notice.
However, don’t forget this is just speculation and yet Juliana took Ouma to her parents for visitation.
He also later went to her house before they returned together to Serena.
Think and analyse for yourself…as you watch the space!

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Savage said...

who is that mystery babe who seemed to rub everyone the wrong way?