Thursday, February 7, 2008

Severe tension at utl

We have to first sprinkle a little reality over this story.
There has been some restructuring going on at utl; many have been sacked and replaced as others have been promoted or vice-versa (those things happen in all companies, anyhow).
And although there has been no official word from utl over the tension some employees are facing, we have stumbled on several e-mails and we have heard a lot from those in and out of the telecommunication company – and as usual we’re the type that doesn’t just hush.
Therefore we say there is no doubt there is some tension at utl.
Hope our point is clear?
Well, last week we received a letter from a one Kakubu Nambi saying that the Rwenzori Courts-situated company has set up a commission of inquiry into the matter of overwhelming complaints from old employees over the massive restructuring.
“The commission has finished its work and it is awaiting action to be taken against the complainants,” said Kakubu in an e-mail.
We wish all parties the best.

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