Friday, February 15, 2008

Kina-Uganda goes to Germany

CAPTION: Kick-boxer Abu-baker Kabunga who inspired this film making
That Ugandan actors are really creative!
It has been a case of them sitting and waiting for filmmakers from the west to come here and give them small roles.
But it seems the acting lads and lasses have got a little bored of that...
So instead, it’s Ugandans flying out to shoot movies in outside world.
Take example of Isaac Mutumba and Yassin Kiiza of Multi-films International who are set to travel to Augsburg, Germany to shoot a Ugandan film titled The Lost Hero.
The reason for the trip is to capture reality because the action-packed movie is inspired by the Germany-based Ugandan kick-boxing champion Abu-baker Kabunga who left to Germany for kyeyo some years ago.
The scenes in Germany will be finalised in May and the movie will be released shortly afterwards.
Mutumba said that they will shoot the movie in Germany as a different tactic to “highlight stories of Uganda’s unsung heroes. Kabunga remains unknown to the Ugandan community despite his contribution to the Ugandan name in Germany.”

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