Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who does Naava really love?

Bad news for footballer David Obua and tycoon’s son Yassah Matovu but good news for the rest of Kampala lads…
We had just gotten bored of speculating about the pair’s special friendship with former EATV presenter Suzan Naava.
But speaking candidly to Rafshizzle, Naava cleared things up for us.
When speaking about Matovu, who is the son of YOUMA proprietor Yusuf Matovu, she uttered the words no lad ever wants to hear: “Just very good friend.”
She even gave us his Malaysian number to call him for clarification but network issues failed us.
And about Obua she said: “I’m not dating him either.”
And when asked who the love of her life was, Naava replied that she hadn’t met him yet.
So we couldn’t even waste time asking about Eddie of Glitzy Events, another of Kampala blokes rumoured to be enjoying a date or two with Naava.
Ouch. How disappointed we are, because we don’t want to believe a beautiful, young and ambitious lass like her is not dating.
We’re keeping a roving eye on you, Naava!

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