Friday, February 15, 2008

Why is Tigan having sleepless nights?

Hallelujah and praise the Pam award gods that be.
Henry Tigan has bought a new car and now he is about to fly to the UK…
Don’t tell us you didn’t know about all this, folks?
How come when the lad has been telling whoever cares to listen, that the Pam awards have done him great – he said and we’ve written.
He even told our source that he no longer sleeps normally because he is always dreaming while in London – shopping, singing, dancing and eating burgers!
If you didn’t know, when Tigan won the New Artiste of the Year award, Bell Lager offered to sponsor him to record in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.
And he would be making his trip in April but he has started dreaming about what he wants to do in London two months before.
Excuse us, folks, we have no objection!


kizito said...

Man Raf, you need to check out the boy's old videos to know how far he's come. But the dreams are too early infront of schedule!

JNabulime said...

Way to go Tigan - I think you are so cute!!!