Friday, February 15, 2008

KTN is extending to Uganda

Television business is already packed full of competition so just imagine our shock on hearing that a new television station will be opening soon.
But worry is not on our menu because bosses at other TV stations in Kampala have already taken it up as KTN will be giving them a run for their money – hate us not, we’re just messengers.
Actually, a reliable source told us that the 17-year-old KTN, which is also a leading television station in Kenya is to start a sister station in Kampala in mid-2008.
The Ugandan station to have its studios situated in the city centre will borrow some knowledge from the experienced journalists at KTN Kenya.
KTN was the first non-pay privately owned TV-station in Africa, and the first to break KBC’s monopoly in Kenya.
So we hope this time round, it doesn’t break others’ hearts.

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