Friday, February 15, 2008

Nkozi babes fill Bebe’s phonebook

Sometimes we love a sing along.
So in the words of MJ in his song Dirty Diana…
“She likes the boys in the band…Every musician’s fan after the curtain comes down…”
Such tune could have been written about many of Nkozi University girl-students.
Let’s just say they run mad for every musician who goes to their campus – from Chameleone to Nameless and it was no exceptional as Bebe Cool went there for the utl Jazz Profile promo last week. We have been at this university before and every time artistes finish performing, girls tend to mob them asking for their phone numbers.
And after his performance, last week, Bebe Cool was mobbed by a horde of girls backstage.
They were star-struck?
Whispering into his ears like they would eat them and then all scrambling to get his phone number? That was beyond ordinary.
However, Bebe Cool instead asked all of them to give him their numbers and he saved them in his phone.
Eh! Hold on Zuena, don’t check his phone because he deleted all the numbers immediately after leaving the campus – he did kiwani on the girls!

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kizito said...

This red shirt used to bring luck back then. Whatever happened to it?