Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mayinja’s wardrobe modification

Good wardrobe adaptation.
Or should that be good adoption, Mr Ronald Mayinja?
We have just consulted our celeb-style bible and we can’t locate an entry on celebrities performing in suits being the in-thing.
The closest we can find is a blurb on artistes throwing away their decent clothes for weird ones whenever they’re going to perform – you see, even Jay-Z and Diddy remove suits and wear jeans, T-shirts and snickers as they head for stage action.
So, Rafshizzle is giving you Ronald Mayinja a big kudos for realising that.
We overheard Mayinja saying that he has abandoned performing in suits. That they make him look too old and yet he still wants to charm even the young ones.
Hmm, it’s an innovative move but only bling bling is missing...

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kizito said...

You are right Raf. I was in Wobulenzi over the holidays and UTl brought a promotion there. Mayinja was quite fab. Even the bling was there, Coz I remember telling friends how his watch 'blung'from a distance!