Monday, January 28, 2008

Why does Juliana frequent Club Rouge?

CAPTION: Let me hope that word on Juliana's T-Shirt is not directed to Rafshizzle...

Juliana Kanyomozi’s love life has more swings and roundabouts than that Centenary Park!
For the whole of last year, it was clear Juliana was romancing boxer Kassim Ouma although it was the same time that she was said to be enjoying a date or two with the Ghetto President Bobi Wine.
Ouma has always been upbeat about his pending marriage with Juliana but to make it even more confusing, we have spotted the Nabikoowa star having a bit of mouth-to-mouth with another man at Club Rouge.
To be precise, he is Templar, the co-owner of Club Rouge.
And a source told Rafshizzle that the pair “is in deep love and Juliana is at Rouge almost every day. She is really down for him but he is married.”
And although the idea of a married man and a lady who hates players (she sings so) is not an automatic passport to correct coupling, we have to say, Juliana and Templar do look good together.
Wearing matching jackets, the couple looked exceedingly comfy together at Club Rouge on the night of January 16.
Our ears on the ground, but we still insist, wamma Julia tekituluma (it doesn't bother us)....

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