Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Presenting the UB40 awards…

It’s a beautiful day and we are at the Great Rafshizzle Arena to mark the great end of the UB40 concert. Today we shall be awarding the outstanding revellers in different categories and here we go:

Jolly Couple of the show
Let’s call on the HIV/Aids activists to hand over the award of best jolly couple to Mr Jim Muhwezi and the lady in his company – though she’s not his wife – Mrs Kigongo. The couple was over the moon on seeing UB40 perform and they sang loudly for each throughout the show. We all saw it and they looked liberated.

Comical couple of the show
If you want a laugh, always keep around Kahinda Otafiire, he doesn’t run out of drama.
And it is not surprising that he is the one taking home the award for the comical couple. Reason? Because he and his date kept our eyes busy on them for their theatrics after gulping in a few bevies.

Bad workmen of the show
SPC might end this year with hands full of awards. After being criticised on how they handle business, Rafshizzle want to give them an award for failing to do what they were supposed to do at the UB40 concert.
First, they failed to stop people from invading the safety zone. Then some of them were behind fighting for drinks and eats as people pushed each other. And other SPCs sat and relaxed and enjoyed watching the show like it’s what brought them. The only positive thing that cut their points for the award is when they separated two whites who were fighting in the audience. But they still win it for letting in more people onto the Gold platform that was set up for 1500 but ended up carrying more than 3000 and it was about to collapse – little wonder people had named “the titanic.”

Bump of the show
Forget about UB40 meaning Unemployment Benefit 40, this time around it could have meant Underlined Bellies 40…
Seriously we’re not the type that enjoys discussing pregnant women but at UB40 show they were just so many in that we couldn’t even avoid a chat about them – more than we normally see at events.
Everywhere you looked there was a pregnant woman in the audience. Will they tell their yet-to-be-born kiddos of how they also attended the historic concert?

Worst dressed
We didn’t think it was Halloween just yet...
So what’s the excuse for the super-scary outfit going on here, young lady? Lass you have too much make-up and that dress doesn’t match, actually, you almost sent us into hiding (we hate bad fashion) but to present your award is regular winner in this category, Straka Mwezi.

Dirty dancers of the show
We didn’t see Bebe Cool at the concert but at least we saw someone else doing what he does – standing on tables. A clique of one white girl, a black chap and a white guy decided to dance atop a table in the VIP only to stop after security guys intervened.

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is this a he or a she.....looks like a drag queen