Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bobi’s self-given B-Day present

Well, most of us ordinary folk celebrate our birthday with a cake and maybe a meal out.
But Bobi Wine ain’t no regular person.
The “bad man from Kamwokya” pulled out all the stops at his 28th birthday bash that, according to him, cost Shs10 million.
24-Seven understands that Bobi Wine had wanted to celebrate his birthday with a new Cadillac Escalade but he hadn’t cleared taxes by the time of the birthday party. So he was kind of disappointed.
However, nothing could stop him from fulfilling his special wish on a later date and as you read this, the Ghetto President is the proud owner of the black Escalade cruising on Kampala Streets. A source told Rafshizzle that Bobi Wine paid taxes of Shs50 million to URA last week.
He has put a personalised number plate written on “Ghetto.”
And on the windscreens he put the words, “Firebase Naro.”
Are we not late to say happy birthday, Mr President?

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