Saturday, February 23, 2008

Donald Mugisha on DW TV

Should we call it 100% good news or bad news, Mr Bobi Wine?
Here we seek your advice, His Excellence.
We are talking about Donald Mugisha’s interview with international TV channel, DW TV.
Oh, you could be unaware; well, Mugisha who is the director of the movie Divizionz that you starred in was interviewed by Germany’s DW TV and the interview was screened on Monday morning.
He talked about the movie that also featured at the Berlinale Film Festival last week.
Whoever watched the replay of this interview on WBS TV, we’re sorry for telling you an old story, but we just wanted to inform the President of the Ghetto Bobi Wine because presidents tend to be too busy to watch TV.
So, Mr President your movie received good reception – but we’re yet to know, is it bad or good news?
Over to you, sir!

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