Saturday, February 23, 2008

Britney compared to Uganda

We’re not dim-witted but we sometimes enjoy weird stories…
For example this one where one American writer compares troubled singer Britney Spears to our country Uganda.
According to the writer for ethanzuckerman website, Britney is the 60th most reported person in the world, a position that Uganda holds in the ranks of the most reported nations in the world.
One of the people who commented on the story said, “Your study is just spot-on because Uganda is also full of drama and if she was a human-being nobody would have allowed her taking custody of her kids not when she would make them child soldiers. And she would always be in the news for the bad things.”
Well, what makes the study more interesting is the fact that Britney’s ex-boyfriend Kevin Federline ranks at number 94 that is held by Rwanda in the nations’ department.
There are several other people included on the list and if you feel like indulging yourself into this harebrained experiment, enter this link:

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