Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who angered the General?

Amongst all the love exchanged, there was also some hatred traded on the Valentines Day.
And Gen. Mega Dee had a share of hatred at Bat Valley where he went to perform with Eagles Production band on the lovers’ day.
After performing, the “singing general” paid a tribute to public system suppliers Vibes Production, something that angered the Eagles instrumentalists and they shouted at him.
One of the instrumentalists told Mega Dee to shut up.
And you guessed right, the general hates being teased or scorned.
Mega Dee confronted the instrumentalists and even “ordered” them to pay respect to him because he is “a big artiste.”
If we say the words, eyes turned red, breathing fire and clenched fist ready to punch, maybe you will begin to get the idea of Mega Dee’s situation after the incident – Afande had reported for duty!

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