Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ben Mwine apologises over BBA2 job

Usually the celebs love to bask in the glitz, glamour and glory of their new jobs.
But when they face it rough they’d rather keep their heads down...
Ain’t that right Ben Mwine?
The former BBA2 field presenter should know as he has hidden the news of his apology from us. But could he keep it for long?
Not really, because we already know that he was made apologise in front of a congregation at Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) because of his stint with the Big Brother show as a field presenter in Uganda.
Rafshizzle has been reliably informed that Mwine had to apologise before he could get the job at Power FM.
Now, who will you apologise to when BBA3 comes and they still need you as the presenter?
Over to you, Ben.

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